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Tony Canzoneri: The Boxing Life of a Five-Time World Champion

At age 23, Tony Canzoneri already had three division titles under his belt and was widely considered one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world. Holding victories over Johnny Dundee, Charles "Bud" Taylor, Benny Bass, Jack "Kid" Berg, Kid Chocolate, Billy Petrolle, Lou Ambers, and Jimmy McLarnin, Tony earned induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990, and later pursued a successful career in entertainment. This work chronicles Canzoneri's life, starting from his birth and early rounds in the ring, with chapters detailing his wins, losses, championships and life as an entertainer.


* Book Reviews


"It's an astute biography of one of boxing's greatest fighters." - IBRO, June 2023, Issue 158


"Deeply researched and narratively fast-paced, Baker's book is enhanced by photographs of Canzoneri and many of his opponents, and brings to light the fistic accomplishments of one of boxing's greatest competitors. Reading it you'll know you're in the hands of a boxing historian who has done his homework." - IBRO, June 2023, Issue 158


"Mark Allen Baker's well-researched book, Tony Canzoneri, is for knowledgeable boxing fans who want to relive a bygone era. Fans of Jewish boxing will love reading about the exploits of countless Jewish fighters... Though the main protagonist is an Italian Catholic, the book is filled with wonderful Jewish boxing history... By chronicling all of Canzoneri's fights, Baker makes it impossible to dispute that Tony was one of the best of all-time..." - The Jewish Boxing Blog, May 22, 2023


"Mr. Baker's style is that of a literary archeologist as he tirelessly unearths thrilling details that few authors do. Tony Canzoneri has become the latest boxing archeology discovery, like the findings of King Tutankhamun!" - The USA Boxing News, September 2023


"This is the type of book that once you read through it, you will go back and pore over various chapters again and enjoy the prizefighting adventures of Canzoneri."- The USA Boxing News, September 2023


"If you are a boxing fan who yearns to learn something new and enjoy stories of fistic history, this is the book to read. It will also make a great Birthday, Hanukkah, or Christmas present."- The USA Boxing News, September 2023