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Selected Recent Works

Willie Pep: A Biography of the 20th Century's Greatest Featherweight

Among the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time, Willie Pep (1922-2006) was a virtuoso of the squared circle. A two-time World Featherweight Champion, his International Boxing Hall of Fame professional record stands at 230 wins, 11 losses and one draw, with 65 knockouts and two winning streaks of more than 62 victories--each longer than most modern fighters' careers. During his 26 years in the ring, he appeared on cards with everyone from Fritzie Zivic to Joe Frazier. A scientific boxer with balletic defensive skills and a stiff jab, Pep--known as "Will o' the Wisp"--so masterfully evaded his opponents, one remarked it was like battling a man in a room full of mirrors. This book covers his remarkable career, with highlights of each bout.

A Guide to Hemingway’s Key West

Discover a century of island magnetism by walking in the footsteps of a literary legend. The centennial of Ernest Hemingway's initial visit to Key West is approaching, so it is not a surprise that most visitors, along with island residents, find themselves reflecting on the life of the famous author. For a dozen years (1928 until 1940), the resident wordsmith produced a consistent stream of quality work. And in so doing, Hemingway solidified his reputation as one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. Arguably, these were the most important years of his life; the Hemingway Myth was born, refined and polished in Key West. In retrospect, it redefined the island culture while guaranteeing the author's immortality.Why Key West? What made this juncture in the author's life so meaningful? Was it the weather? Was it the recreation? Or was it the camaraderie? Understanding that creativity, not to mention productivity, required certain elements––components that are unique to each
individual—I sought those secrets and put them inside this book. Visit over seventy Key West locations and walk in Papa's footsteps!

Lou Ambers: A Biography of the World Lightweight Champion and Hall of Famer

"We loved this book and walked away with a newfound respect and awe for Lou Ambers." - The USA Boxing News, September 28, 2021