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Selected Recent Works

Lou Ambers: A Biography of the World Lightweight Champion and Hall of Famer

"We loved this book and walked away with a newfound respect and awe for Lou Ambers." - The USA Boxing News, September 28, 2021

The World Colored Heavyweight Championship, 1876-1937

“Rich in historical insight, thoroughly researched, and enhanced by many photographs, Baker’s extraordinary The World Colored Heavyweight Championship, 1876-1937, is a book to read, savor and discuss. "

IBRO Journal (International Boxing Research Organization), December 2020 (Issue 148)

Between the Ropes at Madison Square Garden: The History of an Iconic Boxing Ring, 1925-2007

“Extraordinary...[Baker] has an immense knowledge of the sport...combines a crucial aspect of boxing history with a portion of American History. It’s a book written with a narrative that unfolds in a clear and relaxed manner and should be read and relished.”

―IBRO Journal